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Artist’s Statement

The work I create comes from an interesting and elusive place. I can
only describe the process like pulling dreams out of your subconscious
into reality. That moment in waking, when something reminds you of
this fantastic or… horribly odd dream you had last night.  

I am always trying to play the interpreter, and often I find my art
reflects my own sarcastically ambivalent feelings concerning one
subject or another.  I feel a great sense of satisfaction when a piece
is far enough along that I can begin adding the finishing touches.
There is a profound beauty in darkness and nature which I try to bring
into my art. I believe everything looks a little more intriguing when
there are details, danger, and mystery involved.

New Works

I have begun experimenting with deconstructing and refurbishing dolls utilizing
my love of fine detail and morbid humor.  With great delight, through these works, I have been able to impart a more thorough sense of identity and personality to each piece. I am looking forward to creating more, as each is a new creature waiting to be born. 
Alongside these dolls, I am working more often on my surrealism artworks, utilizing both traditional mediums with fabric and added found objects. These pieces are very tribal/industrial in nature, and they vary from paintings with mixed media, both digital and traditional, to sculptures made of natural and synthetic items.  These two sets of projects often blend into each other as some sculptures lean toward becoming creatures with a more lively presence.

I am looking forward to dedicating an ever increasing amount of my time to the creation of my art for my own satisfaction and the enjoyment of others who share my love for the darker side of art.